Japan Fruits
-The way of Japan -

The goal of Japan Fruits is to share with everyone around the world not only the charms of brand name fruits from Japan, but also news and information about Japan's sightseeing farms and the people who bring these fruits to life.

At Japan Fruits, you can pick-up fresh fruits ordered from sightseeing farms at the airport on your return home. You can also have them delivered to your home, so you can enjoy Japanese sightseeing without…


New Arrival Farm

Please follow the rules you are told and enjoy picking fruit.

All of the fruits and vegetables are wholeheartedly cultivated and raised by the farmers.Before you beginning picking anything, please pay attention to the information and instructions provided and be very careful not to damage any of the fields, trees or plants when you are harvesting your fruit. And, if you are taking part in an all-you-can-eat picking event, be sure to listen to any instructions you are given regarding half-eaten fruits. Be mindful of the rules.