Made With High Quality Japanese Fruits! 7 Must Buy Souvenirs From Shinjuku Takano

Shinjuku Takano: Where the Appeal of Japanese Fruit Is Displayed

What is Japan’s best known fruit shop? The majority of Japanese people are sure to say Shinjuku Takano. Founded in 1885, this history-rich shop is a pioneering presence in luxury fruit sales. Beyond their role as fruit sellers, at Takano Fruit Parlour, customers in the Kanto region can also enjoy delicious parfaits made with plenty of high quality fruits.

In addition to these fruits, their flagship store, the Shinjuku Takano Main Store has shelves lined with sweets, breads, salads, original desserts, and other perfect souvenirs too. It goes without saying that all of the items made at Shinjuku Takano are made with only the finest fruits. You’ll surely want to shop here once you see the colorful, delicious fruits used in their sweets and baked goods!

Shinjuku Takano has also become a special topic with visitors from overseas thanks to their fine selection of high quality Japanese fruits, and numerous customers flock to the store every day. While enjoying delicious fruits is a given here, searching for the perfect gift and souvenirs is becoming quite popular too.

Enjoy Original Desserts and Find Amazing Souvenirs on B2F

Shinjuku Takano is only a one minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station’s East Exit, which makes it easily accessible. Spanning multiple floors, on the basement level there are single fruit and fruit gift sales, on the second floor are the original foods and gifts, and on the fifth floor is the Takano Fruit Parlour and Bar.

If you are looking to purchase some souvenirs, head straight to the basement floor, where you will find plenty of desserts, breads, and sweets all made with premium fruits. There are so many items to choose from, you may find it hard to select just one! Here are some of our recommended, popular products at Shinjuku Takano.

One very popular item made with pride and found in the cake corner is the Gateau muskmelon (918 yen with tax).

Another of their recommended sweets is this muskmelon chou cream (411 yen with tax).

Both are very unusual desserts that you won’t find anywhere else in Japan. Just a single bite and the refreshing taste of muskmelon with spread across your palate.

These cute square gateau fraise made with fresh strawberries (648 yen with tax), are also exceptionally popular.

One treat in the basement bakery that should not be missed are the creamy melon buns (411 yen with tax), which are made with plenty of fresh muskmelon in both the filling and the dough. These flavorful melon buns can only be found at Shinjuku Takano.

One of the most popular souvenirs sold at Shinjuku Takano are their Fruit Chocolate SP Ribbon (378 yen with tax). Fruit juice is made into a powder and then mixed into chocolate – these are a treat that can surely only come from a true fruit specialty shop.

These long-time best sellers come in seven flavors: blueberry, strawberry, lemon, banana, mango, melon and plain milk chocolate.

And here are their cute Fruit Puree Jellies (734 yen with tax), which are jellies made with both fruit puree and fruit juice.

Available all year round in muskmelon, white peach, apple mango, and yellow mango, they also have watermelon in summer, and pear and dekopon citrus are added to the lineup in winter.

Another item that we highly recommend are their fruit jams (540 yen with tax), which are delicious on their own or as part of a dessert. These jams are another longseller with many fans all around the country.

Containing 60% or more fruit (except for the citrus varieties), they are free from all coloring, flavoring, preservatives and other additives, which means that the natural taste of the fruits can be truly savored. They have a sweetness of about 40-45 percent, so they are not overpoweringly sweet either; Shinjuku Takano are committed to preserving the authentic taste of fruit. These jams come in six flavors: strawberry, blueberry, Fuji apple, mango, apricot, and orange.

On the same second basement floor you will find their specialty parfait shop, Paferio, where you can enjoy four classic and seasonal parfaits as well, including a muskmelon parfait (1620 yen with tax) using muskmelons from Shizuoka prefecture, and fruit parfaits (1080 yen with tax).

Please taste the deliciousness of these fruit sweets for yourself.

Luxury Fruits Lined Up In Neat Rows on B1F

On the first floor of the basement, luxury fruits of the season are artfully arranged! In addition to gift sets featuring several seasonal fruits, here you can also purchase your favorite fruits individually as well.

Another feature of this shop is its specialty muskmelon store.

Muskmelon were originally cultivated from imported seedlings from Europe and the United States in an agricultural site in Shinjuku Gyoen, designed to promote farming by means of fruit production. Thanks to this breeding program, Japan’s own original melon, the sweet muskmelon was born. These muskmelons, who have their roots in Shinjuku just like Shinjuku Takano, are another of the fastidiously maintained points of Shinjuku Takano.

The muskmelons available at Shinjuku Takano come from Shizuoka prefecture, a land famous for its muskmelon production, thanks to its ample sunlight and great soil conditions. These melons are selected based on qualifications from every angle: their sugar content, maturity, shape, and more. When purchasing a muskmelon, there is a guarantee from a profession attached to it that attests to the perfect timing to eat that particular melon, which assures customers of its quality.

If you would like to enjoy muskmelon for yourself but aren’t able to take one home with you, then head to the Takano Fruit Parlour on the fifth floor. There you can relish the deliciousness of Japanese muskmelon freshly cut on its own or alongside other fruits in a delightful parfait.

Shinjuku Takano not only provides amazing, high quality fruits, but also fruit-based sweets, original products, recipes and more that demonstrate their dedication to bringing the absolute best fruits possible in both appearance and taste to the public. The Shinjuku Takano Main Store, conveniently located just outside Shinjuku Station is the ideal place to visit if you would like to experience their passion for fruit for yourself. Please come and enjoy the charms of Japan’s highest quality fruit at Shinjuku Takano.

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Hours: [B2F Original Food and Gift floor]10:00-20:30 (Sundays to 20:00), [B1F Fruit and Gift floor] 10:00-20:00
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